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We are all about the Hook and Bullet life... ALL IN! - Which is why we seek Ambassadors and Emissaries to help us create a community of passionate and inspirational folks that share our common passion! Early on we decided not to travel the traditional road of retail sales. We simply did not want to get in that rat race. A big part of our reasoning was we did not care if we achieved the broad market appeal that others in our space so dearly covet. When the idea of Hook and Bullet was in its infancy we knew we only wanted to connect with the Hook and Bullet “Crowd.” The others were not our people and can wear Costas!

We know our products, in particular our sunglasses, are equal to or better than all of the leading brands on the market today! So with quality in the bag, we have focused our efforts on creating a network of like-minded Ambassadors and Emissaries. We have entrusted these folks to help spread the word that there is an option to the monopolies that dominate our market simply pretending to live the Hook and Bullet life. And for doing so, they become a financially rewarded part of our family.

Our Ambassadors are the folks that are in the day to day Hook and Bullet grind, everyone from fishing and hunting guides to hard knocking veterans. If you live the life and have a solid social medial following, we want to hear your story.

Our Emissaries are the individuals and companies that have transcended the social media twilight zone and want to build their brand by partnering with Hook and Bullet. For the details of how to join our Ambassador and Emissary programs, send us a message.

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Want to be an Ambassador or Emissary? Not sure where you might fit in? Reach out to us. We are excited to hear from any and all of you!!

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