The HBL calendar is a free for you to use even if you don't book trips through HBL.  The beauty of this app is if a trip is booked and accepted by the guide, it will automatically update your calendar.  For trips you book through other sources or on your own, you can easily update your HBL calendar. The calendar is fully functional on your HBL Guidebook or on your smart phone.  Your calendar is always at your fingertips.

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Customer Management

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Contact List
Email Automantion

Email automation is used to create automated responses to your customers.  You can send these base on dates, actions or whenever event you want.  Also you can toggle the option on or off at any time.  You can use any of our provided templates or create your own email.  For example, each time a customer books a trip not only will they automatically be added to you contact list, but they will also receive an automated email from you. You can personalize as much as you want. Great marketers know the power of automation.  It is not intrusive if the customer loves your product or service.


Writing a newsletter that is full of helpful, useful, free informationand tips can be a useful marketing tool and another great way to stay in front of your customers.  Because you know thatthese people are your target audience, it is a great way to advertisenew products or services and to providing useful, informative articles.  Create your own articles or draw from the HBL library, a slew of great newsletter articles that is being added to everyday by great guides and writers just like yourself.  If you write your own articles, we encourage you to add them to our public domain so that other guides can benefit from your knowledge.  It may be a simple hunting report or how to tie a Bimini twist.  You can also create ads to sell products on HBL using your customer discount code that earns you money.

The Gear Issue

New Guns & Gear for 2017

The New Guns & Gear feature is a perennial favorite for Hook and Bullet readers. This year is no different, and with 70-plus newproducts, this collection of gear is a must-see for every waterfowlergearing up for the 2017–2018 season.

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Useful Tools for Waterfowlers

Waterfowlers can never have enough gear at their disposal

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10 Great Waterfowling Inventions

A short list of game-changing gear innovations that have made waterfowlers more successful

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14 Million Acres Conserved

DU reaches habitat conservation milestone

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Photos and Videos


Creating a "trip" is a unique way to organize your offering to your customers.  Each trip will serve as your customer facing ad. HBL offers great features and tips to help you set up and customize your ad.  Click the "Create Trip" button below to get started and remember, the trip is only visible to you until you publish it.


Hook and Bullet is quickly building a reputation in the hunting and fishing community.  We are expanding our offerings which already includes hats, t-shirts, performance shirts and shorts.  We also offer a highend line of polarized sunglasses that compete toe to toe with Costa, Smith and Maui Jim. As your bookings increase, so does your discount on our gear.  Also, as an HBL ambasador,  you and your customers will always receive a discount on HBL merchandise. All you have to do is enter your member number!

Ever wanted to sell personalized gear to your customers but don't want to have to front the cash or just don't know how to get started?  Let us help! We'll take our merchandise and co-brand it with you.  For example, we'll take our cool HBL t-shirts and put your logo on the front pocket.  You can order 1 or 1,000! 


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