Hook and Bullet will change the way you see the outdoors.

Born in the woods, Raised on the water

I feel the teak cockpit under my bare feet and as far as I can see is crystal clear blue water. Breathe in. I smell the warm summer salt air as I daydream about what lurks below the surface. “Left rigger!,” the Captain on the flybridge seeing the Blue Marlin just before she hit! Out of the calm, I am snapped back to reality as the clicker on the Penn International 80 wide spooled off line at speeds that could melt the reel and certainly cut through a man's hand clean off. It was my first and I'll never forget it!

Later that evening, the father of my closest friend put it in words that epitomize blue water fishing, "Not everyone gets the bug, but for those that do, it's terminal." That events of that day are etched in my soul. I'll forever be hooked on blue water life.

I was literally born in the woods and raised on the water! The heritage of hunting and fishing has always been a part of my existence. Quail, dove, ducks, whitetail, elk, turkeys and fish from bluegills to blue marlin, this is who I am. I fish and hunt not for status but because I love the outdoors and the role that I, and those that have chosen the Hook and Bullet life, play in support of our wildlife.

A lifetime in the works, Hook and Bullet was formed in 2017 as an outlet to work with like-minded folks providing best in class products. I knew from day one that I had to have a catchy name. Something “our type” of people could associate with. One afternoon I was trying to find the right words to explain this business idea to one of my closest friends. We were talking about the options for broad market appeal products when it dawned on me that was exactly what I did not want! The last thing I wanted was to deal with people who were not cut from the same cloth, no matter how big we became or how small we stayed. This was not about building an empire, I simply wanted to deal with people that loved to hunt, fish and shoot, and to find a way to give something back along the way. Brilliantly he said, “Oh, you want to deal with the hook and bullet crowd.” A few days later Hook and Bullet was born!

Next on the agenda was to find a flagship product. I have always had a fascination with sunglasses. Knowing only a consumers point of view, I began an exhaustive research of the subject. What an eye-opener! Like drinking from a fire hose, I soaked up all the information I could. I quickly realized this was a very close-knit market and real information on how to break-in was hard to find. I was lucky! I met two extraordinary leaders in the industry that provided me with an education that would have taken me a lifetime to learn. Even a blind hog finds an acorn every now and then! Information in hand, the Hook and Bullet team set out to build a few models of sunglasses that would not only compete with the best on the market, but surpass the leading brands that were resting on their laurels. And that we did. With the introduction of our first two models, the Storm and the Recurve, we feel that we have developed a superior product that surpasses our competition.  

To say we are pleased with the response from our customers and Ambassadors would be an understatement. For everyone already wearing a pair of Hook and Bullets, thank you for living the life. And for those of you that have yet to try on a pair, it won’t be long before you realize why we say “Seeing is believing.”

We woke early, long before daylight. A good breakfast was on tap; we knew it would be a long day. The temperature was unusually cold for Arkansas, single digits. We ran the tiller steer 9.9 HP Evinrude on a flat bottom DuraCraft wide open down the White river avoiding the patches of ice collecting near the banks. The oak bottoms are so dense a whitetail could eat acorns all day and never move. Still long before daylight, my cousin, more like a brother and always a mentor dropped me off. “Shoot’em in the heart,” he said as I pushed the boat off of the bank and watched him motor out of site. The hollow echo of the Evinrude faded to silence. I felt the weight of my stand on my back and the easiness of my bow in my hand as I headed into the tall timber. Stopping for one last look at the river, I thought to myself, “Can life get any better than this?”

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