Hook and Bullet BFP The not so ordinary, no compromise sun lens

Brilliant Color and Clarity without Compromise!

Hook and Bullet BFP is the worlds finest polarized sunlens ever made.  BFP eliminates the glare that distorts the ability of the eye's lens to focus on the brilliant colors of the outside world. We started by using an advanced material designed for use as windshields in military helicopters where superior optical clarity and material strength are not an option. Our lens provide 100% UV protection and will forever change the way you see the outdoors! Seeing is believing!!

100% UV Protection

Every NXT® lens provides 100% protection from UVA, UVB, UVC (even though UVC rays never reach the earth!) + harmful, high-energy light to 400nm. This is essential eye protection!

Hydro-oleophobic Coating

This coating doesn’t allow water or oil to rest on the lens, leaving clear lines of sight that are free from large drops and water marks. This coating also makes the lenses extremely easy to clean, prevent smudges and provides additional scratch resistance.

Impact Resistance

Made from the same material as the windshields of attack helicopters, NXT® lenses combine the best of both worlds: the optical clarity of mineral lenses and the lightweight and impact resistance of organic lenses. NXT® lenses are engineered to absorb energy without fracturing.

Optical Clarity

With optical clarity that equals the finest cut mineral glass, our lenses also have much less internal stress that any ploycarbonate lens creating a far sharper central vision. Our lens also has a much higher Abbe value (the measure of peripheral vision) greatly enhancing the peripheral optics.

Scratch Resistant

Trivex is the most scratch resistant lens material on the market today. While most of our competitors either don't offer Trivex or only offer it to their prescription customers, we have made it the backbone of our sunglasses.  


To most peoples surprise, anti-reflective coatings are used to reduce glare caused by light reflecting off the back surface of your sunglass lenses. This coatings adds another dimension of clarity and accuracy to your view.


SaiLite the lightest and most ideal frame material for sports eyewear ever made. Every frame is designed for comfort and engineered so you will for get you

It’s highly flexible, ultra-durable and extremely lightweight, making Hook and Bullet frames very accommodating, comfortable, safe and long-lasting for any sport or activity. With the variety of colors and styles that are coming, you'll find the frames suitable for anything from chasing Tarpon off Key West to heli-skiing the Alaskan Chugach Range.

Seeing is Believing!

BFP spectrum engineers have enhanced the colors you see! The lens’ filter out harsh yellow light enhancing the amounts of red, greens and blues painting a more natural picture for your eyes to see. Moving the slider to the left shows how a common polarized lens would appear. Moving the slider to the right shows the BFP difference!

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