Gun Metal

Gun Metal

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The Gun Metal lens is engineered for Inshore and Flats. 

Gun Metal Lens Detail:
Pursuit: ---------------------------- Freshwater
Protection: ------------------------ UV400
Polarization: ---------------------- 100%
Filter Category: ------------------- 3
VLT: ------------------------------- 9.99%
Base Tint: ------------------------- Brown
Mirror: ---------------------------- Dark Silver

The lowest VLT (darkest lens) that we offer, Gun Metal reminds us of faithful duck guns that could easily have been used as a paddle if needed.  A blue steal colored mirror sitting on top of the A9 amber tint is perfect for all fresh water adventures on bight sunny days.  

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We tackle things differently and innovate to solve problems.  Where some see polarized glasses as a fashion accessory, we see them as an essential tool to enhance your sight picture, THE MOST important connection to your target.

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