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The Slick lens is engineered for Inshore and Flats. 

Slick Lens Detail:
Pursuit: ---------------------------- Inshore and Flats
Protection: ------------------------ UV400
Polarization: ---------------------- 100%
Filter Category: ------------------- 3
VLT: ------------------------------- 13.09%
Base Tint: ------------------------- Amber
Mirror: ---------------------------- ChromaFlair Green

Unique? Very.  One of the keys to reading water for fish is to look for slicks.  Slicks are a dead giveaway that fish are under siege!  Slicks are formed by the oils released from prey species and viewed at different angles can appear to be many different colors.  The PBO Slick lens has this same attribute as the mirror appears to be different colors from different angles.  But don't be fooled, this is as serious Inshore and Flats lens. 

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We tackle things differently and innovate to solve problems.  Where some see polarized glasses as a fashion accessory, we see them as an essential tool to enhance your sight picture, THE MOST important connection to your target.

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